The Chilean explained the cultural differences she has with the Japanese when it comes to dating

The Chilean explained the cultural differences she has with the Japanese when it comes to dating

The young woman pointed out that Latinos seek to stay in touch after a date, unlike the Japanese.

A young Chilean woman passing through Japan went viral on TikTok, after recounting a series of cultural differences he had with Japanese people on dates.

His story spread after TikTok @kaijapon who usually speaks with people who are in the Asian country, decided to interview him for the platform. “What’s it like to date a Japanese guy?” » Kai asked the Chilean girl.

What the Chilean said about the differences with the Japanese

Questioned by the influencer, the Chilean – whose name is unknown – replied that what is very different with the Japanese is “the contact” after a few days.

According to the young woman, Latinos want to continue the digital interaction the day after the meeting, which does not happen with the Japanese. “The Japanese can spend one day, two days, three days and you don’t know about him” he explained.

When this happens, says the Chilean, she thinks that the person does not want to continue knowing her and that everything will end there. “He shows up a few days later saying ‘hey, when will I see you again?’ “I find myself ploping,” he explained.

“It confuses me, it takes a long time to respond,” added the woman in the interview, which already has more than 84,000 likes and 830,000 views on the network.

Tokyo, Japan. Reference photo.

Shortly after, Kai asked him if there was a difference when it came to privacy as well. “That could be the problem with kissing, (Japanese) never give tongue kisses. They’re desperate to kiss you, like they’re desperate to eat your mouth, but they don’t do tongue kissing. argument.

The Chilean added that even she was forced to teach them to kiss this way: “They are old enough to know.”

@kaijapon’s registration sparked all kinds of reactions among users. “I recognized that accent instantly.” , “Making your homeland in Japan” , “Chili Teaching Course” are some of the comments that appeared in the post.

If you want to see the video, click here .

Source: Latercera

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