Gen-3 Alpha: What is the new video generator with artificial intelligence that was ahead of ChatGPT’s Sora?

Gen-3 Alpha: What is the new video generator with artificial intelligence that was ahead of ChatGPT’s Sora?

The tool allows users to generate different types of videos in high definition. Here’s what you need to know about Runway’s new system.

It was only a few weeks ago when the company dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence (IA), track confirmed that they will soon be launching a new video generation system called Gen-3 Alpha .

And although they haven’t given an exact date for the launch, It didn’t take them long to release their new tool .

Gen-3 Alpha is now available to the public .

In the company’s promotional files you can see very realistic character sequences with persistent definition in different types of images.

This has led several users to suggest that It is direct competition to Sora, a video generator from OpenAI—the people behind ChatGPT— which has not yet been made public.

Gen-3 Alpha: what is the new video generator with Artificial Intelligence that was ahead of Sora from ChatGPT. Photo: capture / Gen-3 Alpha.

Gen-3 Alpha Details and How to Access the AI ​​Video Generator

The company said that It features significant improvements over its previous versions. Gen-1 and Gen-2.

Among the most highlighted points are: coherence, movement and quality of images .

Along with this, it allows the model to be used with tools like Motion Brush, Advanced Camera Controls and Director Mode .

On their website they claim that “Gen-3 allows characters to be more consistent and stylistically controlled” .

Furthermore, from Runway, they assure that have collaborated with entertainment and media companies to create custom versions of this new product.

To use Gen-3 Alpha, it is necessary to have a subscription that starts at $15 per month. or about 14,000 Chilean pesos.

However, You can try its previous version, Gen-2, for free. . However, by not subscribing, users will also encounter limitations.

Learn the details by doing click on this link .

Watch a promotional video of the new system

Source: Latercera

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