The meeting with which Tiger sought to prevent Niemann’s arrival at LIV

The star had a behind-closed-doors chat with the Chilean and 19 other players, asking them to support the PGA. A week later, Talagan’s man is getting closer to crossing the pond. This Friday, Joaco finished sixth in the Tour Championship.

The world of golf is in turmoil, there’s no doubt about it. The LIV triggered a historic period for the discipline, causing betrayals, leaks and a whole lot of nervousness from the most iconic tour on the planet, an ubiquitous entity that seemed untouchable until a while ago. This is why in these months of battle, the PGA has released all its artillery. New tournaments, more money and even its biggest star acting as a PR manager were seen in these chapters. But even Tiger Woods was unable to stop the boiling of the Saudi championship.

And it’s that with players like Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson With contracts signed for several years, in addition to a bottomless portfolio, the sustainability of LIV is assured in the short and medium term. Especially since in recent months the profile of golfers looking to get rich has changed.

They are no longer looking for the big stars of yesteryear, who achieved majors and records many years ago. Now they want the present and the future. That’s why Niemann and Cameron Smith are the latest strong-sounding names to cross the pond and join the Saudi super league ranks. In fact, as reported The third , the Chilean thing is practically confirmed. Only time, and a few last PGA obligations, separate him from LIV Golf. This Friday, Joaco, after a lackluster start, got busy in the last holes and saved the day with two birdies and an eagle in the last three holes, which earned him sixth place in the Tour Championship.

A union that the very Tiger Woods seems to be slowing down. Worried about the massive leaks and inevitable offers that the best players in the world would receive, the PGA was forced to call on its greatest icon to calm the waters. The Cypress native flew to the BMW Championship last week on a private flight and called the tournament heavyweights to a meeting.

This medium was able to confirm that Joaquín Niemann was present at the closed-door conversation that the winner of 15 majors had with the current PGA representatives and that during the meeting, which took place at the Wilmington Country Club, he asked for their support in this difficult moment.

The idea was to be able to create an alliance between the big names on the circuit and thus be strong against the constant offers that LIV throws at new players. With a powerful and faithful block, the PGA could breathe easily. Por eso los organizers solicitaron un rostro tan fuerte como Tiger, quien incluso recibió criticas por su rol de relacionador public del tour norteamericano, ya que no todo el mundo está en contra de un tour que no funciona con exclusividad y que permite mayores libertades a los Protagonists.

The PGA’s greatest ally

At 46 years old, 15 majors, an accident that almost cost him his life and a difficult convalescence, Tiger is now further than on the courts. That’s why he looked for a way to promote the PGA from another avenue. It is no longer this machine for winning events and attracting even the most curious to attend a four-hour match, today, his main goal is that the organization that turned him into a legend does not lose its weight.

That’s why he wasn’t left alone with his express trip to Delaware. He also announced that they would be, with Rory McIlroy, the ambassadors of the The Golf League, an initiative promoted by the PGA to make the discipline more dynamic and attractive. In short, a version similar to what the LIV was looking for.

The competition will feature six teams of three players who will compete for two-hour matches and which will take place for 15 weeks of the year, always on Monday evenings. In this way, he will seek to attract more spectators and bring the sport closer to the latest technologies. In fact, one of the most striking elements is that it will take place on smaller stages, with large stands and many giant screens. An image that runs counter to the postcards that golf currently delivers.

“Leveraging technology to create this unique environment gives us the ability to consistently put our sport in prime time alongside many other major sporting events. As a huge sports fan, I’m excited to associate golf with the technology and equipment common in other sports,” said Tiger.

Joaco approaches

But neither Woods’ presence nor the new format could stop the Chilean’s intentions. Niemann is still closer to the LIV than the PGA and his signing could happen in the coming days, before the Presidents Cups even start. No minor detail is that the talagantino has yet to mention the North American Tour’s team event.

Also, yesterday the official LIV Golf website was offering a 25% discount on tickets to the next league tournament if the national’s last name was used as a promo code. An option that was on the web for a few hours and was later taken down.

Signs that suggest the team change is getting closer. The Tour Championship could, in fact, be the 23-year-old’s last singles event on the PGA, as Commissioner Jay Monahan has been clear in stating that no player traveling to LIV will be able to return to the North American Tour. . Iron law faced with a situation that made them lose their temper.

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