Niemann has a date and a team for his LIV Golf premiere

On September 2, the Chilean will begin his participation in the millionaires’ tour supported by Arab capital. In the Boston Invitational, which will be played by teams, he will defend Torque GC. He will also compete at the individual level, since the competition format considers both modalities.

Joaquín Niemann has a date and a team for his debut in LIV Golf, the millionaire league financed by capital of Arab origin, which he joined after taking a crucial and controversial step: leaving the PGA Tour, the most traditional competition in this sport.

the chilean will play the Boston Invitational, a competition which, according to the peculiarity offered by the nascent circuit, offers two modalities: one individual and the other, by teams . Indeed, the organization has just informed the workforce that the native of Talagante will integrate: will be part of Torque GC and will have renowned colleagues at his side: the Zimbabwean Scott Vicent, the Spaniard Adrián Otaegui and the Australian Jed Morgan .

Three days and several million

To understand the modality, each team has a captain. The tournaments last three days. In other words, 54 holes are played, without cuts and with shorter tee times and faster game windows.

The other striking aspect is, of course, the money involved. For reference, each regular season event (these are the first seven) distributes a bag of $25 million. Of this amount, 20 million US dollars will be distributed to the 48 participating golfers. The winner will receive 4 million US dollars and the final 120,000 US dollars. The other five million US dollars are split between the teams that finished in the top three places. ($3 million for the winner, $1.5 million for the second and $500,000 for the third).

That is to say, Niemann will have the first opportunity to add profit to the millionaire deal he has made with the fledgling league organization, that the international specialized press estimates at 100 million dollars .

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