Let there be lots of sweets and no tricks: recommendations for an infection-free and accident-free Halloween

Although it seems like a thing of the past, covid-19 – like the villain of a horror movie – hasn’t given up yet. Here are some tips to not let your guard down or get scared this Halloween.

This coming Monday, October 31, will be the third year in a row that Halloween will take place in the midst of a pandemic (that’s right, covid-19 is still here). The concern of the scientific community is that regrowth will appear, both globally and locally. Recently, it was reported that infections increased by 62% in two weeks. A few days earlier, the World Health Organization had decided maintain status international health emergency given the uncertainties that persist about the evolution of the virus.

Despite this, this year there are almost no restrictions and it will be the revenge of Halloween lovers. And as long as there’s that party urge, whether it’s picking up candy or going to a party, we have to be aware that we’re still in the presence of the undesirable covid, so we don’t have to not let your guard down completely. Here are some tips for staying safe while enjoying this Halloween.

Advice for those who deliver sweets at home

  • Wash your hands before and after handling candy.
  • If you can, distribute the candies from the entrance of your house.
  • Distribute sweets and cakes that have formal professional packaging.
  • If you want to impose a distance, you can put a board at the entrance to your house, in order to maintain at least one meter with small visits.
  • If you have followed the previous advice, you can include a hydroalcoholic gel on the table, to disinfect your hands in case someone wants it.
  • If you have a lot of candies of similar size, you can put them all in a large container and spread them with a fingernail instead of your hand.

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Advice for moms and dads dating their kids

  • If under the age of 11, it is recommended that children be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • If they are under 6, avoid costumes with face coverings as they can cause choking or suffocation.
  • If the chosen costume is very dark, add a reflective element so that the boy or girl is visible at night.
  • The Halloween experience is often more fun in a group. Organize with the parents of your son’s or daughter’s friends to go out as a gang.
  • If, as an adult, you will not be going out with your son or daughter, first talk to him about basic road safety rules: always cross the street hand in hand with a responsible adult, obey traffic lights, stay on the sidewalk, be careful in turns and watch out for cars.
  • Try to keep a distance of at least two meters from homes where children are playing tricks.
  • Always have hydroalcoholic gel and wet wipes with you. If kids start eating sweets, they will surely be a little sticky.

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How to manage the candy order?

  • Establish ground rules with the kids before doing tricks or treats, such as not wandering off or splitting up, and going from house to house while waiting for the group.
  • Once home, everyone should wash their hands before eating candy.
  • When they return, ask your daughter or son for their loot of candy: this is the way to check that the candy is in good condition and safe.
  • It is best to keep small children, if in disguise, away from pets. They may not recognize it and be afraid, or they may be very attracted to certain elements of the costume.
  • Watch how you feel: In recent weeks, there has been an increase in colds and allergies, as well as cases of coronavirus. It is important to anticipate, and if the child shows symptoms of covid, it is advisable not to go out. Remember that the symptoms are: cough, shortness of breath, fever, loss of smell.
  • Manage the sweets of your youngest children -under 4 years old- and trust the administration of the older ones. From the age of 4, they should have the ability to store their sweets, which could give them confidence and autonomy.
With the increase in cases, certain precautions should be maintained to live a serene Halloween.

What if they eat a lot of sweets?

In another article of Practice the nutritionist Maria Cecilia Benavidez , of the Indisa Clinic, explained that “you can move away from the usual foods, but without abusing them”. Something that coincides with the blog of children’s nutritionist Sarah Remmer . “A day or two of gorging on sweets won’t make the slightest difference to their nutritional status, dental health or behavior. I promise,” he said.

“It can lead to stomach pain or nausea, which isn’t a bad thing; it will teach them to be more attentive next time,” Remmer writes. “It is perhaps the most powerful natural consequence.”

Tips for a safe Halloween party (teens and adults)

  • If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who has been infected with covid-19 – or had the symptoms – it is better to stay home and watch a horror movie.
  • Always prefer activities in ventilated spaces or outdoors, so that the risk of transmission is minimal.
  • Carry a small hydroalcoholic gel in your pocket or bag to disinfect your hands whenever you feel the need.

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