Doping shakes up Chilean rugby and basketball at their best: latest report confirms five new cases

Four basketball positives and a Selknam player are on the National Doping Control Commission’s updated list. Both federations are committed to educating and preventing these situations. “We take this very seriously and with a commitment that this will never happen again,” says Cristián Rudloff, helmsman of the oval race.

The National Doping Control Commission updated list of athletes suspended for positives, throwing several surprises, since basketball features four players involved in unfavorable outcomes, while rugby appears with one exponent. The bike rounds out the list, along with a crankset. In the case of the first two disciplines, the news comes at the time of their best sporting moment, with a gold medal at the South American Games and an all-time World Cup finish, respectively.

basketball, Ricardo Cárdenas, Sergio Chialva showed the presence of carboxy-THC, which is the metabolite of cannabis , a substance that the World Anti-Doping Agency no longer considers a method of profiting and that is why it has reduced the penalties to a minimum. didn’t have the same luck Eduardo González, who was discovered to have furosemide, which is considered a mask by WADA, and faces a penalty of up to four years . While Ty Jones tested positive for methylphenidate, which is used to improve concentration and treat attention deficit disorder. However, he did not have a prescription and could be sidelined for at least two years.

For the President of the Basketball Federation, Iran Arcos, the situation is serious and he does not hide his concern. “We are very worried, we cannot let these things happen. Let’s review the processes. We want to have more discussions on prevention and invite team captains to talk about it. We will meet with the National League Board of Directors to strengthen procedures, work on education for all ages and work on actions aimed at prevention ” he argues.

In this sense, the helmsman wishes to condemn these events. “We don’t want basketball on those lists, especially when it’s in the best shape for a long time today. We, leaders, must worry that this does not happen again, do prevention and internal controls. Education is key,” he says.

In the sport of the oval there is an angst for positives, which did not happen several years ago, Cristián Rudloff, president of the National Rugby Sports Federation, is saddened by the events. In this case, the positive of Agustín Fernández for tamoxifen , a substance considered doping that is used in breast cancer treatments and is usually combined with anabolics to fraudulently enhance athletic performance. The check was carried out at La Pintana, in March, after Selknam’s historic triumph over Jaguares XV, by the American Rugby Super League. The 22-year-old is part of the sport’s projects and has already joined the Condors team.

While the other episode detected is the by Tomás Bertot, for a steroid and an anabolic. However, the Argentine player does not play in Chile and his presence in the country was due to his participation in the American Super League of Rugby (SLAR) wear the colors of Professional coffee growers from Colombia. In this situation, World Rugby has referred the matter to the National Doping Control Commission.

“For us it has been very sad, but unfortunately it is part of the challenges at work that high performance, professionalism and above all the desire to succeed bring. We take it very seriously and with commitment so that it does not happen again. Never again, because our sport does not endorse this type of behavior under any scenario, but we must accompany and educate so that the opportunity for reintegration exists”, explains Rudloff.

The biggest concern is that the two athletes involved are young. “This is what worries us the most, because it is precisely in the smallest where you have to put the greatest effort into education, but it’s been three years of a pandemic that has made everything difficult ” , recognize. And he adds: “The truth is that it is a pity, but today it is very difficult to detect in any sport if there are no regular controls, and information on doping is increasingly accessible to everyone on the Internet.”

Doping undoubtedly appears as something new for an entity which is not accustomed to these behaviors. “These are super ‘taboo’ subjects, which for the same reason very few know how to deal with openly and that’s where the doors are left open that allow these things to damage what one wants most, but today we have to put in the same energy that we put in to get all the dream results by continuing to protect our sport from all that is bad” declares, while delivering a final thought: “Rugby must develop in a sustainable and healthy way, which is the essence of its values, so that it reaches all corners of Chile, especially children. , and serve as an agent of integration, teamwork and respect. Anything positive to contribute to our beloved Chile”.

Ultimately, cycling puts Alejandro Soto, silver medalist at the Bolivarian Games in Valledupar, on this list. The crankset tested positive for erythropoietin (EPO), a common substance in cycling doping. The athlete, who was previously monitored, received a four-year suspension, which was reduced to three after an agreement with the anti-doping authorities. Your file is added to that of your colleague Claudio Delanoe, suspended several months for GW1516, heptaminol and metabolite of cocaine.

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