Halloween: eleven sweets and chocolates not to miss in your bag

As it is difficult to decide among so many offers, at Práctico we ask all our staff for their favorite treats. Here is a list of calugas, gummies, chocolates and other goodies that will make this Halloween unforgettable.

Collecting sweets from house to house is one of the most anticipated activities of the year for children. How is it going to happen, if in addition to receiving free goodies, they run down the street disguised as family or friends. For this reason, it becomes a more popular festival, challenging patronage even at Christmas.

The protagonists, in addition to the children and their costumes, are the sweets: for Halloween to be a success there must be a wide variety of products, from chewables and gums to chocolates, chewing gum and lollipops. There’s a lot to offer, but if you’re not sure which one to choose — or don’t feel like taking a chance on something you haven’t tried — we’ve polled the entire Practical team — which includes fathers, mothers and childless adults who love sugar—to tell us their favorite treats.

1. Trencito Milk Chocolate 24g

El Trencito is one of Chile’s most iconic milk chocolates. As explained on their site, it is made with 25% milk, cocoa and natural vanilla, with no artificial flavors. This little bar can be considered a little treasure if it comes out, especially if your child is too young to taste it. Matanga.

2.Sunny 1kg

The Sunny is the undisputed favorite of the Piloto team. These soft-textured mini calugas de manjar have excellent volume, suitable for mixing in a bowl, as they are small but spread out. The maximum recommended nutritional serving is three Sunny, a fair number for health but clearly insufficient to satisfy the desire.

3.Chubi 528g

“What emotion, delicious, the flavor is chocolate caramel color Chuuuuubi Chuuuubi”, says the jingle song of the year 1989 with whom they promoted these rich envelopes with colored mini chocolates. They are crispy and very practical since they come in a mini envelope to take them everywhere without risking them falling or breaking. The only caveat is on hot days because if you expose them to too much sun they can melt and lose their shape. Although eating them in the form of pasta isn’t a bad idea either.

4. Frugel candies 130 g

These are another option for adding bulk to the candy bowl. The Frugelé are a classic that does not want to disappear: with fruity aromas and intense colors, it is very rare to find people who do not like them. Soft, sweet and easy to chew, its synthetic flavor is very hard to resist.

5. Chocolate Halloween Lovers Reese’s (75 units)

These delicious chocolates have the particularity of being filled with peanut butter. Since they are not extremely sweet, they are very dangerous, as you will surely want to eat more than one. A very stimulating caloric bomb, it is a delicacy that brings together the best of two worlds: the sweetness of chocolate and the texture of peanuts. Includes three varieties: Milk Chocolate, Frankencups and White Cream.

6. Pico Dulce lollipop (24 units)

Despite its name – or thanks to it, it depends on everyone – this pacifier is a good alternative in terms of value for money. Bulky, they fill the bowl with candies to be dispensed very efficiently. By having a stick, in addition, it will always be very well received. It is multicolored and has a pleasant fruity flavor.

seven. Old England Caramel Candies 450g

It may be a controversial alternative, but it is in favor of balance. These delicious caramel candies tend to have a stronger flavor, such as coconut or mint, so they’re not always to everyone’s taste. But its consistency and its characteristic café-au-lait color remain a classic: Chilean childhood does not end if one of these calugas does not get stuck in the tooth. The main warning of these sweets is that they may contain traces peanuts, almonds, other grains, gluten, milk, soy, egg protein, sulphites, so people with food allergies are advised to stay away.

8. Loop Halloween Sour Gummies 216g

If you feel your bowl of candy lacks that sour touch, a good alternative is these ring-shaped candies. These are the typical Loops, with their addictive citrus punch in the mouth, but in individual format and in two shades: purple with orange and purple with green.

9. Bon or Bon chocolates 270 g

Bon o Bon is no longer that almost premium chocolate of the 90s, which was only reserved for privileged moments. Globalization and the wide offer have turned it into one more option, although still irresistible. It’s one of those treats that both adults and children enjoy, stuffed with finger-licking peanut paste.

10. Organic Black Forest Gummy Bears (65 units)

This alternative is recommended for those looking for gluten-free and organic options. The Black Forest Gummy Bears are made with natural ingredients, are juicy, fat-free and come in a variety of flavors including cherry, pineapple, lemon, orange, apple and strawberry. This pack includes 65 units of small sachets of 22 grams.

11. Caluga Kegol 153g

To eat a Kegol you have two possibilities: either you break it little by little, or you put it immediately in your mouth. Chewing it whole is a real challenge, especially since it can stick to palates, large or small. In case your child has Kegols in their Halloween bag, share this wisdom with them, especially if they are a growing little one. It will be an experience that will mark your childhood.

*Prices for products in this item are current as of October 28, 2022. Values ​​and availability are subject to change.

Source: Latercera

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