The SIC chant against Newman angered his own partners

After passing the final of the Top 13 of URBA, the players of San Isidro celebrated a controversial letter for the values ​​of rugby, and the fans of both clubs demanded punishments.

The rugby has developed over the years an idiosyncrasy that aims to move away from, for example, what is seen in football, trying to pwave camaraderie even between rivals. However, the weather seems to have changed and this past Sunday, after the narrow victory of SIC in New person to enter the final Top 13 of URBAa song from the winning squad drew attention for its lyrics against Benavídez’s songs.

Now I fuck a Newman boy. The Newman’s are all swindlers, they are all money swindlers. They have a car, a boat. They have a house in La Barra (Uruguay)”, You can hear players singing along with fans in viralized images, copying a song that other fans are also using. To make matters worse, among those present in the video are Matthew Albanese, captain of Los Pumitas, so even some network users asked the UAR for sanction for him.

The video of SIC’s songs against Newman raised controversy

SIC partners statement for controversial chants against Newman

“The undersigned are pleased to call upon you and through you to the respective commissions on check the actions after the match Semifinal of the Top 13 URBA tournament held yesterday at the CASI facilities with the Newman team.

At the sporting level, first of all, I would like to congratulate the team of players and coaching staff for the positive result obtained, knowing the great effort that now involves participating in a competitive championship and reaching the decisive stage.

But our game is not limited to a game, but aims at wider stages, such as the development of people ready for the permanent battle of good actions according to our deepest rooted convictions based on unlimited respect for people and institutions.

With sadness I see a video that reached me where fans and players sing unimaginable verses according to our foundations. No joke. Not even after winning the semi-final, on the contrary, I wonder Where was the warm and respectful greeting to the person who allowed me to have fun and demand myself for 80 minutes?

At this time we are going through so many social and political changes where anything goes, without enough time to catch up. But we need to differentiate transitory fads from structured models of education and respect. That where our beloved sport was founded. In the pillars that shaped us: us, past generations and generations to come.

Celebration last Sunday in front of Newman there cannot be a truth that goes unnoticed nothing fatally injure our principles of respect. I don’t identify with those actions, not with those songs, not with that offense based on division and resentment.

In the law of our game, improper actions that harm the game are punished under the understanding that it is not the same to play honestly than to play dishonestly, that taking your feet off the plate presupposes a penalty according to the seriousness of the mistake made.

Unfortunately Yesterday I saw my tricolor shirt wrapped in a shameful act, and I doubt that those who join this unfortunate circus understand rugby as I was taught”.

Source: Tycsports

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