Black Friday: 10 games, toys and books for children with discounts of up to 60%

This is the last big discount and sale event of the year. That’s why we take the opportunity to find and select ten ideas that will surely make gifts for girls and boys this Christmas. And also for this or that adult, who knows.

Giving gifts to the little ones in the house in times of inflation is not an easy task. That’s why this Black Friday, the last big shopping event of the year, is a good opportunity to lighten your December expenses. Buying to buy isn’t our style, but taking into account a few gift idea recommendations from specialists, we found ten toys with discounts ranging from 15% to 60%. They are designed for girls and boys from three to eleven years old, which will surely not disappoint you.

1. Extraordinary Items (by Bárbara Ossa and illustrated by Margarita Valdés) – 15%

“In a world with homes without encyclopedias, books like Extraordinary objectsby Bárbara Ossa and Margarita Valdés, can fascinate,” says the review by Bárbara Espejo, manager of Pop Up, and one of those recommended by psychologist Valeska Woldarsky in an article on gift recommendations for girls and boys between 7 and 9 years old. A very useful book by Chilean authors to arouse curiosity, full of data such as where they come from and what is the history of different everyday objects. Price: $14,990.

2. Buki Mini-Lab: bouncing balls – 30%

It’s almost impossible to hold one between your fingers and not bounce it with all your might. Bouncing balls are one of the simplest and funniest toys out there, but what’s new in this game is that it gives you the ability to create and design them with different colors. Some can even be made to glow in the dark. Includes 5 elastic powder packets and is recommended for ages 8 and up. Regular price: $14,990.

3. Classic Lego Box 790 pieces 30%

Legos are one of the favorite building games for boys and girls. In fact, it’s a great idea to avoid sexist gifts. Macarena Abarca coordinator of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics, for its acronym in English) of the formidable foundation , recommended them because “it’s something so simple but can create awesome things”. This large box contains 790 pieces, with 33 different colors, and includes special parts like three pairs of eyes, six tires and six rims, to create virtually anything anyone can think of. Regular price: $89,990.

4. Palmers tie-dye pajamas – 50% off

At some point in life, everyone encounters the tie dye, because the technique of dyeing clothes with knots is known in English. The process of binding, adding the dye and then revealing the result after drying is an ideal scenario for those who love craftsmanship. This set includes pajamas, dyes and rubber bands to be able to dye it. It is found in sizes 10 and 16. Regular price: $16,990.

5. Monopoly Chile Board Game – 35%

It’s one of the most iconic games to spend on Sunday afternoons, whether with friends or family. A Monopoly game is fun and controversial, that’s for sure. In this edition you can also buy the most important and representative places in Chile as properties. Regular price: $26,990.

6. Radost Balance Bike – 40%

You could say that balance bikes are like the precedent of a formal bike. They’re pretty much the same except for the pedals, as they don’t have any. As its name suggests, the idea is to maintain balance, and thus promote the cognitive development of the little ones, as well as reflexes, agility and coordination in a safe way. This orange Radost model is made of steel and EVA, while its dimensions are 83 x 40 x 55 cm. It is reduced by 40% (and much more if you pay with the Cencosud Card). Regular price: $39,990.

btwin children’s knee pads – 33%

Prevention is better than cure. These knee and elbow pads are 33% off, ideal to avoid violent blows to the knees or abrasions to the elbows of the little ones in the house. They’re designed for cyclists, skaters, or girls and boys who ride scooters, but they might as well wear them all day and save themselves scabs and holes in their pants. Regular price: $12,000.

seven. Science and play: 150X microscope laboratory (150 experiments)

Is your daughter or son interested in science? Then a microscope is what you might need to analyze and get a closer look at these little things around us. “Although not just for those interested: it can help anyone to have a different approach to these areas than in school, learning more from the experience,” he commented. Valeska Woldarski in an old article on gift ideas for girls and boys aged 7 to 9. This set is a laboratory with scientific activities for children to carry out more than 150 experiments. Regular price: $84,990.

8. Kinetic Sand Rainbow Box – 40%

Compressible, Moldable and Stretchable: This magic sand never dries out and can be one of your little ones favorite toys. Kinetic sand stimulates children’s creativity and is non-toxic, gluten-free and allergen-free. “They’re great for kids to release energy and perform repetitive motions, which helps a lot and is good for those who tend to be hyperactive,” Woldarsky said in the article on gift ideas for 4s. and 6 years old. Regular price: $14,990.

9. Trading Cards Pokemon Gold Silver (54 units) – 33%

Pokémon is a universe that families can unite. Your Creator, Satoshi Tajiri From a very young age, he loved to collect and collect insects. They are creatures inspired by animals, plants or mythological characters, able to evolve and become part of your team, in case you capture them. This deck of cards is a special edition, golden, waterproof and more durable than ordinary paper cards. Regular price: $13,843.

10. Multicolor Climbing Swing – 68%

swing climbers they can Helps develop toddlers’ core muscles, arm and leg strength, and balance management for girls and boys. This swing has a 69% discount, it has five levels, the last being the widest to be able to support your feet and also enjoy the swing. It supports up to 100 kg and is two meters high. Previous price: $89,990.

*Prices for products in this item are updated as of November 23, 2022. Values ​​and availability may change

Source: Latercera

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