14 products to treat yourself at the end of the year

Because sometimes it’s just as good to think of yourself, we’ve compiled a list of some ideas that you can treat yourself to and at the same time increase your sense of well-being.

After a season of giving to others, we also deserve something for ourselves. Self-sacrifice is not selfish: let’s start by understanding. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself once in a while. After all, you had a tough year and you got through it. It deserves a celebration, and here we give you some ideas. Moreover, giving yourself from time to time is also taking care of yourself.

silk blanket

A perfect gift for your skin and hair. The silk It is a natural fiber composed of proteins and amino acids . Of its content, the protein sericin stands out, a component that is characterized by its affinity with other proteins that the human being produces, which is why it acts as a protective film for the skin and hair when it is used in a pillow case, or other items for quality sleep such as sleep masks.

Obsidian Guasha

These glass plates are designed to perfectly fit the contours of the face, although traditionally they are also used on other parts of the body. When we use it on the skin of the face, we obtain similar benefits to the roller, but it could even be more powerful, since the traction can be carried out more deeply, releasing tensions and even obtaining a lifting effect.

Special products for a facial massage

quartz roller

The promise of these rollers is linked to the ability to enhance the effect of the active ingredients used on the skin, from the massage that we perform with them to achieve greater penetration of the products. Other benefits it provides when used correctly are the elimination of toxins – when the massage is performed in the direction of the lymph – or the reduction of swelling in areas of the face that need it. Personally, I recommend keeping the roll in the refrigerator: with the cold its anti-inflammatory action improves. Another great contribution of the roller is that it stimulates circulation, a transversal attribute in this type of hand instruments.

water purifier

Since the human body is almost 60% water, it is essential to maintain health and well-being by drinking at least two liters of water a day. For some, this is a daunting task. The problem is that the body needs hydration for normal organ function, as well as to generate healthy new cells, and if you don’t drink water, the consequences are serious.

This device, which we tested at Práctico, is extremely useful for those who have problems with this daily health requirement. If, for example, you are one of those people who does not like to drink running water, this purifier is perfect. Rich, fresh, frozen, filtered water without that taste of iron and minerals that the tap sometimes brings. You also have the option of natural or hot water.

motivational bottle

The second step to reach the daily goal of two liters. Memory is fragile, even to count the number of glasses of water I have per day. To make counting easier, this is a motivational bottle.

Is Clinical Brightening and Unifying Serum

This formula safely reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone, while providing significant controlled exfoliation without flaking. This lightweight, easily absorbed serum is excellent for general coverage or as a targeted booster for problem areas. White Brightening Serum is a concentrated blend of powerful botanicals that visually address uneven skin tone on multiple levels, while providing multiple anti-aging benefits. It inhibits melanin-producing tyrosinase enzymes, interrupts melanin transfer between melanocytes and keratinocytes and increases controlled exfoliation, helps treat hyperpigmented areas, decreases pore size and renews skin without causing inflammation.

After a few days of use, you can quickly see how it safely brightens skin tone, softens your skin and reduces pores. Perfect for hyperpigmented skin with sun damage, blemishes and uneven skin.

Lip and eye contour cream

If the skin of the face is already delicate, it is even more so in areas such as the eye contour, where the skin is extremely thin, or the lip contour, which tends to wrinkle a lot over time. We used to worry about our eyes because they betray us, however, just like our hands or our chest, the corner of our lips also reveals our age. It is not necessary to check it and it is a great option.

tooth cleaner

Adding an extra cleaning step could make a tangible difference to your overall health, in addition to giving you a better smile. Research on toothbrushing, published in 2016, found that good dental health may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and that gum disease may hasten mental decline.

With this dental cleaner, removes dental stains / tartar / plaque even in the most difficult to reach areas, thus maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Mini fridge for dermocosmetic products

Often the creams that we apply to our face spoil at high temperatures, like the ones we are currently experiencing in the center of our country. All of these products have a shelf life, and when in temperatures that change frequently from day to day, morning and night, makeup and creams end up breaking down much faster.

A skincare fridge lets you keep beauty products like moisturizers, masks, and tools at a cool temperature so they taste even better when you apply them to your face.

smoothing brush

For those who are always accompanied by frizz, this is a good option, especially if you are already tired of having to damage your hair more by drying it first and then using the iron to straighten it. For this and many other reasons, this type of dual-action brush is so fashionable.

This brilliant heat tool is exactly what it sounds like: an electric brush that does double duty, distributing heat quickly and evenly so you get a smooth style faster than ever.

facial pore cleanser

Purity: the facial cleanser pores with micro abrasion will allow you to complete the care of your face. With the power of the vacuum cleaner, you can remove blackheads on your skin, generating low impact on your face. At the same time, you will have a tool that will allow you to eliminate impurities from the skin, thanks to the precision of its micro-abrasion head. Start an intense skincare routine with Purity by ASANAS. Before $52,990

Egyptian cotton king sheets

Sleep like the gods, especially in this heat. Not only can stress influence a bad night’s sleep, but there are other factors such as the mattress, the pillow, the heat or the cold, and also the sheets. The difference between sleeping on soft sheets and others that are not is huge. So if you can afford this luxury, we promise you won’t regret it. Of course, we warn you that it is after trying them that it is difficult to go back. These are 30% off.

laser epilator

Do you want to get rid of this problem forever, or almost forever? The Rebel IPL Hair Remover is a 3-in-1 laser ideal for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and acne removal. This personal care essential permanently removes hair without causing any adverse effects on the skin or health. It is extremely convenient to use at home as it has 5 different power settings to suit your skin tone and sensitivity. No more torture with waxing or shaving. Enjoy the benefits of this great invention.


Stay organized in style with this sleek and simple diary. It has 160 pages and its cover is in black leather. The sheets are also black and it comes with a silver pencil with a refill.

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