Scandal in Italy: an “invisible friend” ends racism at a team’s Christmas dinner

Italian rugby player Cherif Traoré, of Guinean origin, was given a rotten banana as a gift at the team’s Christmas dinner.

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The Italian Cherif Traorè, rugby player for Benetton Treviso and for the Italian national team, suffered a racist episode on Tuesday by some teammates at club Christmas dinner, he was given a rotten banana as a gift from the club. ‘Invisible friend’ Of one of them.

Traorè, who is of Guinean origin, went to his club’s Christmas celebration where they performed the classic ‘Invisible Friend’, where each player received a gift from one of his anonymous teammates. Everything was going well, as he said on his social networks this Wednesday, until he opened his gift: a rotten banana. Far from condemning what was done, some of his colleagues laughed at it.

“When it was my turn, I saw a banana inside my gift. A rotten banana, inside a wet bag. Apart from my offensive behavior, what hurts me the most is seeing most of my classmates laughing. Everything seems normal”he told on his Instagram account, where he accompanied the text with a completely black photo.

The 28-year-old couldn’t believe what was happening, but thanks to the support of other teammates, he overcame it. “I’ve gotten used to it, or rather, I need to get used to it, having to put on a brave face whenever I hear racist jokes to try not to upset the people around me. However, yesterday was different. Fortunately, some colleagues , most of them foreigners, they tried to support me. Outside of Italy, an act like this is strongly condemned even within small facts, and this time I want to say mine “condemned the player, who claimed not to sleep all night.

“With this invisible friend there are young people from different backgrounds. I have decided not to be silent this time to make sure that such incidents do not happen again and that other people do not find themselves in my situation in the future. And hope the sender learns his lesson…”sentenced.

The complaint in Italy was added to the recent one from the Italian Paola Egonu, a volleyball player, last October.

Source: EFE

Source: Tycsports

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