The Selknam Brotherhood aim for the feat in the most important game in their history

The Selknam Brotherhood aim for the feat in the most important game in their history

The national franchise is one win away from clinching the American Super League Rugby (SLAR) title. A trip that began in Chile, but was held for a month in Montevideo, playing the final stages of the tournament that brings together the best rugby teams on the continent. Martín Sigren, one of its stars, talks about the inside of a team that this Friday can be crowned champion.

This Friday, Selknam plays the most important game in its short but explosive history. At 6:00 p.m. in Chile, the national franchise will take to the field at Charrúa Stadium to contest the American Super League Rugby (SLAR) title against Peñarol of Uruguay. A confrontation to which they arrive after spending a month away from home and thanks to a strong union between colleagues.

Martín Sigren is the one taking the time between Selknam’s most important week to speak with El Deportivo about the feelings and experiences of his time at SLAR. The Chilean third line is open to telling what happens outside the cameras and the sacrifices they had to make to achieve their great desire.

“The group is very tight. We are more than a family, because we share and work for the same dream, the same goal. We have done a work of knowledge of the effort that everyone has made for this dream. These are things we talk about to strengthen ourselves. We talked about what we leave out to be here. What are the efforts and who unites the group. Teamwork is the main value and the truth is that many of us experience it. We love each other a lot and it shows on the pitch.” begins to tell from the room of the hotel where they stay in Montevideo.

And it’s already they have been away from home for more than 30 days , fighting for the game, they are hours away from playing. Although the SLAR journey began in Santiago, with the first round of the tournament, Since April 23, all engagements have been held at the Charrúa Stadium in the Uruguayan capital. . Thus the team became a fraternity. They live among themselves, hanging out between practices, lunches and the occasional outing on the town. Although he says it’s the least, because where they are most is in the hotel.

“It’s hard to be away for so long, some players have families with children they leave at home; several of us have girlfriends, so it gets complicated, but here we always share among ourselves. No one sleeps alone, we all have roommates. In addition we have an apartment for us, we are always together. Many play PlayStation. Some of us work, so we enjoy the work. Many are studying, so they also take advantage to advance in this, thanks to the facilities they give us “ , confess. A statement that also opens another window in the conversation: What is it like to be outside the country when you have to work or study?

“Fortunately, they support us and give us the means to do so. We have to thank everyone who gave us this support, because otherwise it would be impossible. If we were on a normal diet, it wouldn’t be viable. Flexibilities are what allow us to get things done” spear.

More than just a trophy

The SLAR final is an unprecedented event for Selknam, since in the 2021 edition, they were eliminated in the semi-finals at the hands of their rivals this Friday: Peñarol. That is why, for the Chileans, achieving this triumph would mean the validation of a project that is living a dream moment.

It would be a huge joy for the group. We are already convinced of the work we are doing and we have seen that we are on the right track, but these triumphs are shots of confidence and joy. Plus, it would make us feel like all the hard work and effort has finally paid off,” comments Martin.

A dream that now seems closer than ever. Not just for the very fact of being in the final, but because what has been shown throughout the tournament suggests that the national franchise is ready to take the plunge. Peñarol was first in the regular phase, but Selknam had the pleasure of beating them 15-8 in the last meeting . In the semi-finals, they managed to beat Jaguares XV, the Argentinian franchise and defending champion, for the third time this year.

Only 80 minutes separate them from the title. In every scrum, they will think of all the effort they put in to be there. In the phone calls with loved ones during this month away from home, in what his partner went through to pursue her dream, in all the times they were told that rugby was not played in Chile. Selknam is gearing up to be the best on the continent.

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