COBS defeats Old Macks to win TOP 8 Arusa Championship

The Craighouse alumni team played at a high level to beat the Reñaca team 28-24. As in the regular phase, they end up being the best in the tournament.

COBS is the new TOP 8 Arusa Champion. The Santiago team beat the Old Macks 28-24 de Reñaca, thus managing to finish with the trophy in a tournament that they also led in the regular phase, in a duel that had a lot of emotions and that reflected what has happened throughout the season.

In the first half, the people of the capital showed all the potential they had in the final. With three penalties before 10 minutes of play , quickly got ahead and organized the meeting more calmly. After this start without spaces, the time would come to add by try, thanks to Martín Triviño and the conversion of Tomás Salas.

The advantage was great the Fifth Region team could only cut it at 20 minutes with an unconverted try . The problem is, that first part left the Craighouse alumni feeling like they had everything under control. After the first 40 minutes, the scoreboard was overwhelming. 22-5 in favor of Santiago.

At the start of the supplement, the Old Macks managed to wake up thanks to the transformation of a try from Tomás Court. But after that, COBS punished again, this time with a penalty taken by Tomás Salas, one of the standout players of the day. The ending, however, was electrifying and the differences narrowed a bit. However, it wouldn’t be enough for the Viñamarinos to change their luck.

Thus, the team that finished top of the regular phase of the tournament coexisted peacefully in the last minutes. Taking advantage of the instance and the prize, whoever comes after a difficult tournament, where they fought with Old Macks not only in the final, but throughout the first seven dates .

The match ended with a victory for the Santiago team, thus giving them the title after an exciting tournament that brought together the eight strongest teams in the country. Famous COBS. They deserved it.

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Source: Latercera

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