Eleven ideal wines to accompany a roast

Eleven ideal wines to accompany a roast

Reds are known to go well with grilled meat, but there are plenty of options and walking down the wine aisle can be overwhelming. Here’s a little guide to accompany the roasts coming to us this month.

destroy everything

If you have a full roast, one of those that starts with choripanes and pork malaya with lots of lemon, then red meats, ribs and even pieces of chicken, then this carmenere Miguel Torres Cordillera will serve to accompany the meal from start to finish. A very fruity wine but at the same time with light smoky notes, which goes hand in hand with practically everything that comes out of the grill. If possible, it is worth spending a little more and trying this wine.

Carmenere Miguel Torres Special Reserve of the Andes Cordillera 2020

On the other side of the mountain range

In Argentina we know meat but also wine. This is why its famous malbecs are necessary to accompany a good roast. This La Celia Pioneer is perfect with grilled meats, especially beef, pork and white sausages. With moderate acidity and soft tannins, it earns its place near the grill

Malbec La Celia Pioneer Gran Reserva 2020

classic styling

This Cabernet Sauvignon from the Viu Manent vineyard comes from centuries-old vines in the Colchagua Valley and spends a year in French oak barrels. It is therefore an intense red wine, with aromas of red fruits, solid and persistent in the mouth. It calls for a goose tip or a striped fillet, visibly still red.

Cabernet Sauvignon Viu Manent Gran Reserva

openwork watermelon

Cabernet Sauvignon Marqués de Casa Concha is also a classic wine, known to almost everyone — at least by sight — but not always consumed. It’s true: for its value, it’s not something to buy every day, but if we’re going to have a good barbecue in prospect, believe me, one of these bottles will not fade.

With aromatic notes of red fruits, it is soft on the palate despite its power, which makes it infallible next to a piece of roast meat.

Cabernet Sauvignon Brands of Casa Concha

At a good price

Another more or less classic Cabernet Sauvignon is this Magis, from the Terramater vineyard. With its characteristic aromatic notes of red fruits, it is complex but soft on the palate, very pleasant to drink before, during and after a good barbecue. The best? Its excellent value for money.

Cabernet Sauvignon Magis Terramater Grande Reserve


Imagine a roast well past the revolutions. That is to say with chorizos, sweetbreads and chunchules, but also with prietas, very spicy pork chops and a simmered tapabelly. Mayo potato salad, sopaipillas, pebre, empanadas, leaded potatoes and much more.

Is there a wine that can go with all of this? Of course, a country variety like that of the Crazy Rows line, from Viña Bisquertt. Clarito, fruity, light… literally grape juice, which refreshes the palate and the throat to accompany those roasts so ours and so extensive that we usually enjoy.

Country Bisquertt Crazy Rows

Perfect combination

It has always been said that Carignan is a very suitable strain to accompany a grilled roast. Now, if that carignan has some carmenere, another strain that is friendly to embers, things are much better. This is precisely what we find in this Mala Fama from the PS García vineyard, composed of 85% Carignan and 15% Carmenere. This wine is persistent on the palate but at the same time soft, with a fairly low acidity. In other words, it’s made for the grill.

Carignan-Carmenère PS Garcia Bad Fame

a luxury

Grenache is a Mediterranean variety but it has an excellent ability to adapt to other territories, such as our country. In fact, in some sectors of southern Chile it is possible to find old vines of Garnacha which, thanks to the work of some restless oenologists, turn the laurels green again. A clear example of this is what they do at Maturana Wines with this Pai Gar from Loncomilla, one hundred percent Grenache. Fresh, juicy and thirst-quenching, it is an ideal companion for a barbecue, even more so on hot days.

Grenache Maturana Paigar Wines 2019

Is there lamb?

If the grill includes lamb meat, it’s worth uncorking a Syrah, the strain par excellence for this meat. There, Cuvée Los Lingues de Viña Koyle is an excellent option. Fruity and very fresh, enough to clean the mouth between each mouthful of lamb, and with enough persistence in the mouth to counter its powerful fat. Moreover, at a very good price.

Syrah Koyle Cuvée Los Lingues

A regular roast

It is said that today it is very difficult to go to a barbecue and not come across a bottle of Toro de Piedra. Of course, because the vast majority are ideal wines to accompany grilled meat. This is what happens with the blend of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon from this line, which combines two grape varieties known to accompany roast meat. Its aroma of black fruits and its enveloping but sweet flavor give it the reason to always be there, present in roasts.

Petit verdot-cabernet sauvignon Toro de Piedra Gran Reserva

Bonus track: Canned

Something like 70% of the wine that is drunk in Chile comes in a box. For the same reason, these wines should not be overlooked when recommending roasted reds. Without being a usual format for me, if I have to recommend one of these reds, I prefer the Cabernet Sauvignon from Clos de Pirque. Good, fun and cheap, especially if you have to accompany a well-seasoned choripán or rack of ribs.

Cabernet sauvignon Clos de Pirque 2 liters

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