“The photo is like in Irkutsk, but it’s cold.” Skaters get used to the Kuzbass ice rink

– Zhenya, is the preparation going as planned?

– A little not according to the plan, two days of rest are granted, they are not very useful. At first they said that there would be a prevention day and there would be no ice, and another day off – the Navka show was coming.

– Will you go see the show?

– Only if they let me out on the ice myself.

– Isn’t this a reproach to the Navka show?

– Nope. As far as I know it was moved here, it was supposed to take place in another city from the start.

— How do you find the new skating rink?

– It’s still very cold. It was 5-6 degrees. We usually said it was cold in Krylatskoye and Chelyabinsk, but it’s 12-13 degrees there and 5-6 here. It was nine o’clock on Tuesday, the hottest day. It’s cool outside, but in general, more or less, we already walk to the ice rink.

– Do you like the atmosphere on the ice rink?

— The image is like in Irkutsk. They said the rink is completely similar, but no, only when you go out on the ice.

What is the quality of the ice? Although uncompetitive.

– It seems to be not bad, but due to the fact that it is frozen, it quickly sits in the corners. He “goes”, but slowly. The turns are tight, it will be easier to pick up speed. It’s not clear yet. For 500 m, it may not be bad, the length will be hard to run.

– Do they ask advice on the ice for the Russian championship?

“Not like in Irkutsk. They were loaded there, interested in changing something, and so the coaches themselves will ask – they started to make it hotter.

– Execute all but the “five hundred”?

– That’s right, I usually run the “five hundred”, but here I will probably take off and run everything except the team events.

– How did you take the news of the postponement of the Kolomna European Championship?

We already knew that would probably never happen.

– How do you perceive the whole story with the possibility of performing in Asia?

– In any case, it is much more interesting than racing only Russian Cups and Russian Championships. Psychologically, it’s easier to know that you can perform elsewhere, go somewhere at the start and test your strength with other rivals. For young people, this would be an additional incentive – now they have not yet had time to participate in international competitions, and this opportunity has already closed for them. It’s good that at least one alternative opens up.

Source : MatchTV

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