Lesyuk: Ukrainian Championship is a chance to stand out and get into the national team for the next stages of the World Cup

Lesyuk took sixth place in the sprint race

Biathlete Taras Lesyuk commented on the outcome of the men’s sprint race at the Ukrainian Championship in Yavoriv. According to the athlete, the participation of representatives of the national team of the country in such races is extremely necessary.

“Not everything worked out. More satisfied with the speed, I felt good on the track. There was a lack of prone concentration on shooting and zeroing was heavy. We couldn’t assemble an optimal group, and I can’t say where the prone miss was. Standing, having come to the line, there was such heavy breathing, tremor. The track is quite working, there is no place where you can rest, you have to work out every meter. Fatigue was physical on the counter. Three shots were accurate, I tried to quickly work out, but then a rush began, and I did not wait, I shot in the usual mode and made two misses. It’s sad because it should have been done better.”

“Incentive to compete in the championship of Ukraine? Probably to popularize biathlon in the country. So that young athletes do not think that the national team does not need to come to the championship of Ukraine. On the contrary, it is such an incentive for them to train and compete on an equal footing with the national team. See how you need to work to improve and how much you need to work.”

“What gives a place in the top 3, top 5? At least we can keep our salary for a year. From first to third place – salary for the next year. Perhaps it is also nice to compete more at home. Most of us had many starts at the Ukrainian Championship. There is physical fatigue, but one or two starts for this level is normal.”

“Does the championship affect the composition of the national team for the next stages of the World Cup? I think this is more a question for the coaches. Of course, if someone brightly proves himself, then he has the right to a place in the national team for the next stages, why not? If the athlete worked, everyone goes before that, who participates in the competition. If someone stands out from outside the team, then I think that he has the right to this place.

Lesyuk took sixth place in the sprint race. The victory was won by Anton Dudchenko, who made two misses during the distance.

Source: Sportarena

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