Athletistic/ Cross-country skiing. Olympic cross-country skiing champion Veronika Stepanova spoke about the factors she believes can popularize cross-country skiing around the world, citing the popularity of biathlon as an example.

“Biathlon is an established business, so we need a good businessman, a public relations person for ski racing who will travel the world looking for sponsors. Biathlon, for example, was a niche sport, and now it surpasses cross-country skiing in all respects. Largely because they systematically work on the media, recognition of the best, popularity,” Stepanova wrote on her Telegram channel, among other things.

Veronica also congratulated the President of the International Ski Federation (FIS), Johan Eliash, for finding sponsors in Arab countries, as well as for the idea of ​​​​organizing the Alpine Skiing World Cup in Dubai (UAE). and India, and expressed his hope that one day these countries will participate in world competitions and cross-country skiing.