Ekaterina Efremenkova: “I was sick for five weeks before the Chechen Republic, but I didn’t want to give up leaving”

Winner of the Short Track World Championships Ekaterina Efremenkova told that she had been ill for five weeks, but decided not to refuse to participate in two Russian championships.

Efremenkova leads the all-around after the first day of the Russian Short Track Championship, which takes place in Kolomna. After that, she will perform at the Russian Speed ​​Skating Championship in Kemerovo.

– Katya, now there are a lot of cases of ARVI, were there any health problems before such a difficult end of the year?

– I did not skate for two months on short track skates, of which I trained only on speed skating for four days and missed five weeks with various diseases – sinusitis, SARS, etc. It was the head of the start, – said Efremenkova “”.

– Did you want to offload part of the load on departures?

– No, it wasn’t. On the contrary, I was looking forward to playing under contract and so it lasted so long. On Sunday evening, I fly to Kemerovo.

– How far have you traveled?

– I qualified for four distances. I will definitely run the mass start and the team race, 3000m will depend on my condition. I arrive at six in the morning, at noon it’s already rolling, and before that, a night on the plane and three days of Russian championship in short track. So we will decide the state.

– But it’s also an anniversary on New Year’s Day (December 31). Who will prepare for it?

He will get ready. I don’t even think about it yet. Far from it in your thoughts right now.

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