Biathletes of the Sumy region won the men’s relay at the championship of Ukraine

Participants of the World Cup Mandzin and Dudchenko as part of the Ternopil region won silver

biathletes Sumy region-1 won the men’s relay championship of Ukraine. Four of a kind Sergei Suprun, Roman Borovik, Bogdan Borkovsky and Vladislav Chikhar ran the track in 1 hour 20 minutes 59.1 seconds using three extra cartridges.

The second place was taken by the team of the Ternopil region, which lost 1 minute 22.7 seconds. It should be noted that Vitaliy Mandzin and Anton Dudchenko, participants of the World Cup this season, competed in the Ternopil team, Dmitry Grushchak and David Drabik ran two more stages.

Bronze medal was won by the first team of the Chernihiv region, losing just over two minutes. Sergey Telen, Oleg Lisenko, Yegor Makarenko and Andrey Dotsenko also spent three extra rounds during the race.

Earlier, the team of the Sumy region also won the women’s relay. The Semerenko sisters, as well as the champion of Ukraine in the pursuit race, Anna Krivonos, ran in their composition.

  • Biathlon. Championship of Ukraine. Relay race. Men

1. Sumy region-1 (0+3) 1:20:59.1
2. Ternopil region (0+3) +1:22.7
3. Chernihiv region-1 (0+3) +2:03.8

Source: Sportarena

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