“I decided not to invent anything on the track.” Alimbekova – about the victory in the mass start at the Commonwealth Cup stadium in Ryazan

Belarusian biathlete Dinara Alimbekova On , she announced that she had won the mass start of the Pari stage of the Commonwealth Cup in Ryazan thanks to a high-quality shot.

Alimbekova won the distance with a penalty, less than her closest Russian rivals, Victoria Slivko (2) and Tamara Derbusheva (2).

Did you doubt that you could win?

– I didn’t think about the results, but I thought about how easy it would be to follow those girls who passed me. They just passed me in batches. I want to thank the girls for the fight. Yesterday they wrote to me that I beat everyone here in a class. This is not the case, I have made a lot of effort, but today there is very strong competition. A few meters away, I thought I hadn’t run like that at the World Cup either. From the first meters there was a very high speed.

During the first laps, I realized that today I can’t show the results that the girls show on the track, so there’s no point in getting closer. And I’ll just try to shoot cleanly and not invent anything on the track. Today, I was not advantaged.

– The standing contact shot was not without errors.

– At the first line, I jumped, then they told me that all the other shots were in the center. I calmed down. I saw that I was losing on the track. And I understood that when shooting, I should never make a mistake. Also, the penalty loop isn’t very convenient.

– Do you have a dispute with your husband Anton Smolsky about medals? Because you’re still playing.

– There is no such rivalry, but I see how he makes mistakes and gives positions to someone else. And I myself understand that I cannot do the same. But yesterday she said he wasn’t working well at the counter. Although she herself did not work well at the counter yesterday. Somewhere we push ourselves. But not for the medals. I asked him to give me the toy he will win today,” Alimbekova said on .

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