“In Russia, biathlon ranks third after football and figure skating” – Serokhvostov

Biathlon in Russia ranks third in popularity after football and figure skating, according to Russian national team biathlete Daniil Serokhvostov .

The fifth stage of the Pari Biathlon Commonwealth Cup in Raubichi (Belarus) will take place from January 26 to 29. Watch live broadcasts of the competitions on the channel, websites matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru. The program “Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev” will be broadcast between races on January 29 at 1:00 p.m.

– What do you think, how popular is biathlon in Russia among all sports?

– Football is very popular in Russia. I think football comes first. The second is figure skating, and the third is us, biathlon. I think biathlon would be even more interesting for the fans if we competed in the World Cup. Even if our results at the Russian Cup are now even denser than at the World Cup. There is Johannes Boe and all the others. But we don’t have that, the gaps are small, the leaders change.

Are you recognized on the street?

– Yes sometimes. Most often, they recognize me at the airport, on planes. During the last two flights, seven people recognized me. I walk across the living room to my seat and people start staring at me. I think either something is wrong with me or they recognized me. And then they call me by my name, ask to be photographed.

– How do you think, how does the work of affect the popularity of Russian biathlon? These are live broadcasts, the program “Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev”, various stories and interviews, including texts on the website.

“I think it helps our sport a lot. ‘s media space and opportunities are far greater than those of any biathlete. It doesn’t matter who is blogging, few people will know anyway. And when a major television channel promotes biathlon in this way, many more people will know us, even those who have never been interested in our species. This is how new biathlon fans appear,” Serokhvostov said in an interview with .

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Source : MatchTV

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