Gulyaev on IOC statement: ‘We are waiting for the steps the ISU will take’

Russian Skating Union President Nikolai Gulyaev believes that after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) statement, it is more important to see what concrete steps to expect from the International Skating Union (ISU).

On Wednesday, the IOC said it would consider admitting neutral Russian and Belarusian athletes who do not actively support the CBO to international competitions. In most sports, against the background of the situation in Ukraine, Russian athletes are deprived of the opportunity to participate in international tournaments.

– The IOC has made a statement, but we will wait for concrete measures. So far, there are no details in this statement and, as far as I know, a lot will depend on the international federations. Therefore, we are waiting for the steps that the ISU will follow, for us the first step could be the cancellation of the corresponding statement on the withdrawal of our athletes, Gulyaev told .

Source : MatchTV

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