Serokhvostov called Tomshin the strongest Russian biathlete of the moment

The strongest Russian biathlete at the moment is Vasily Tomshin he regularly shows good results and shoots very fast, the biathlete of the Russian national team said in an interview with Daniil Serokhvostov .

Tomshin won the mass start, finished third in the pursuit and fourth in the sprint at the fourth stage of the Pari Commonwealth Cup in Raubichi (Belarus), which took place from January 19-22.

– According to the current form, according to the results, who is the strongest Russian biathlete at the moment?

– At the moment it is Vasya Tomshin. It constantly shows good results, shoots very quickly. He doesn’t have the fastest legs on the team. For example, at a distance he does not run as fast as Anton Babikov. But it shoots very quickly and very precisely. At the helm, 20 seconds are enough for him to start with zero. And my shoot will take 30 seconds and it’s not a fact that it’s zero. If we take four milestones, the advantage is already 40 seconds. And you’re trying to get those 40 seconds back from Vasya. At the same time he still has a very fast last 500 meters of distance. And how well he did with his rivals at the finish line during the mass start!

Right now the best Vasya. And if we take the whole season as a whole, then Edik Latypov. After the collection at the Seminsky pass, I think it went down a bit. But now it is taking shape.

– Would it be interesting for you to cut yourself off with Tomshin on arrival?

– Sure! It would be interesting to go out together, as he did with Belarusian biathletes in the mass start, that is, from the first climb to the finish line, go together. It gave quite a quick mountain move. And I’m comfortable running in the mountains. It would be interesting to see how strong he is and how much I lose against him. Vasya is very strong at the finish line, Serokhvostov told .

The fifth stage of the Commonwealth Cup Pari in Raubichi will take place from January 26 to 29. Watch live broadcasts of the competitions on the channel, websites and The program “Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev” will be broadcast between races on January 29 at 1:00 p.m.

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