“Speeds at the World Cup have become higher” – Serokhvostov noted the progress of young biathletes

The speeds at the World Cup have become higher and the young Italian biathletes Tommaso Giacomel and Swiss Niklas Hartweg seriously progressed in just a year, the biathlete of the Russian national team said in an interview with Daniil Serokhvostov .

Russian biathletes are currently suspended from international competitions, including the World Cup, by decision of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) due to the situation in Ukraine.

– Do you have time to watch the World Cup?

— Of course, I watch all the races.

Who is the most impressive right now?

– The Italian Tommaso Giacomel and the Swiss Niklas Hartweg. They are 22 years old, they raced with me at the IBU Cup, at the world championships. And that year, they ran with me. But they did not show such a result as now. That year, you can tell, I was head and shoulders above them. And in this one, Jacomel can’t be knocked out of the top ten at the World Cups, both have personal medals. And the guys show good speeds and shots. They have grown tremendously over the years. I look at him and wonder, what would I look like there now? A year ago, with one or two misfires, I could be above them, even if they were shooting cleanly. And now Jacomel has been in the top 6 for several races in a row, and with bad shots. It’s very strong.

Even if we only compare visually how we run in internal competitions, that is, our total mass, and how the general mass runs in the World Cup, they are generally different levels. Even if you compare me to them, I see how the climb is going, a flat part for example, so in terms of movement I will clearly lose even to the average peasants. This is of course a visual sensation, as it is impossible to fully compare speeds without running together in the same race. But it feels like the World Cup has gotten faster compared to last season, Serokhvostov told .

The fifth stage of the Commonwealth Cup Pari in Raubichi (Belarus) will take place from January 26 to 29. Watch live broadcasts of the competitions on the channel, matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru sites. The program “Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev” will be broadcast between races on January 29 at 1:00 p.m.

Source : MatchTV

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