Olympic medalist Windisch wished Russian biathletes to return to the world stage as soon as possible

Italian biathlete Dominik Windisch, three-time Olympic bronze medalist, supported Russian athletes and wished them a return to international competitions as soon as possible, Russian biathlete Daniil Serokhvostov said in an interview with .

Russian biathletes have been suspended from international competitions by decision of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) due to the situation in Ukraine.

– Do you keep in touch with any of the foreign biathletes, do you correspond with each other?

– In the summer we were still talking, now – no. Ah, I recently spoke to Dominic Windisch. He called me to play Mario on the console over the network (laughs). In the winter, he and I played Mario on Nintendo. They played in the Olympics, before the Olympics. Once, after the race, he said to me, “Let’s play after the chase. It was in Ruhpolding, we ended up playing in the evening.

And now I answered him that I couldn’t play with him, because in Russia I couldn’t buy a Nintendo subscription. We chatted and asked how he was. Dominic now works as a coach in Italy, working with children.

Did Windisch support you when it was learned that Russian biathletes were banned from international competitions?

– The last time we spoke with Dominik, of course, we discussed this topic. Yes, he expressed words of support, wished that we return to the world stage as soon as possible.

The fifth stage of the Commonwealth Cup Pari in Raubichi (Belarus) will take place from January 26 to 29. Watch live broadcasts of the competitions on the channel, matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru sites. The program “Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev” will be broadcast between races on January 29 at 1:00 p.m.

Source : MatchTV

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