Uliana Nigmatullina told when she planned to return to biathlon after giving birth

Double Olympic medalist Uliana Nigmatullina she said she would handle her return to biathlon competently and not put a heavy load on her body.

In early February, the biathlete became a mother. Nigmatullina is not participating in the current season.

– Until I realized, to be honest, a new role for myself. Awareness comes after a while. It hasn’t happened for me yet. Something miraculous happened, it’s hard to believe. I’m coping with the new role, but, of course, I thought it would be easier. Great respect for all mothers on the planet is quite a difficult job. No less difficult than the path of an athlete, – the correspondent reports Nigmatullina’s words.

– Do you consider the return of Valeria Vasnetsova a feat?

– Absolutely, 100% feat. I would also like to come back, but I want to do it as little as possible for my health. Before returning, check yourself out and do everything as competently as possible.

– You didn’t get up on skis?

No, no, I didn’t get up. I took care of myself. Now I have a huge energy boost to ride.

What are your return plans?

– This season is definitely over, the next one is already very real. You can prepare for the Russian summer championship. You can follow in the footsteps of Christina Reztsova, as she had about the same time frame. She managed to complete the following season.

– Do you plan to train with your husband Ilshat?

– If he agrees to train me, then yes.

– Does he have a choice?

– Certainly.

At the Beijing Olympics, Nigmatullina (née Kaisheva) won silver in the relay and also won bronze in the mixed relay.

On Thursday, February 23, at 1:25 p.m. Moscow time, live on , watch the men’s individual race as part of the PARI stage of the Russian Championship in Izhevsk. You can also watch the broadcast of the competitions on the sites matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru.

Source : MatchTV

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