Skier Korostelev explained why he failed in the classic sprint at “Champion Heights”

Skier Savely Korostelev told “” why he unsuccessfully played in the quarterfinals of the sprint in the classic style at the “Champion Heights” in the Arkhangelsk region.

In the quarter-final race, Korostelev was in sixth place and crashed almost to the finish line.

Korostelev is a two-time world junior champion. At the start of the current season, he won three sprint races and won a bronze medal in the individual race at the Russian Cup stages.

– I spent the quarter-finals tactically illiterate, especially the final part, in fact, this is the result, – Korostelev told .

Why did you fall?

– There was already confusion, they struggled a little with Volodya Rybkin, but I did not really understand how he fell.

“” shows the All-Russian competition “Champion Heights” (February 23 – March 5) and the Russian Ski Championship (March 18-26). Watch live broadcasts of ski competitions on the federal channel and the thematic channels of the holding, as well as on the sites and

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Source : MatchTV

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