Skater Sayutina: “If you compare me at the start and end of the season, they are two different people”

Winner of the Russian Speed ​​Skating Championship Alexandra Sayutina told that she was happy with her progress over the season.

Sayutina won the 1000m final of the Russian Cup.

– I played international competitions only in neo-seniors, so this season is very interesting for me, the fight pushes me, the result is heavier. When you see the result of your work, it can only boost the future,” Sayutina told .

At each start I feel more confident, we work on the technique, we change something, we try something. If you compare me at the start of the season and at the end, they are two different people. I’m not talking about last season – heaven and earth. We can only rejoice in the development of speed skating.

– How many steps did you go through?

– Almost everything, but I ran every 500 meters and a distance more. In the first – 1500 m, in the second – 1000 m, in the third – 3000 m, so I qualified for the Cup final.

Was it a strategy?

“No, that’s how it happened. On the second stage I got a little sick, so I ran only 1000 m, on the first stage there were also team events, on the third – only 3000 m, because there still had competitions.

“Did you miss Kirov?” For what?

– Dad (coach, Vadim Sayutin – approx.) Does not like it there, ha ha. He said we wouldn’t run this stage. In principle, they participated in it every year, but my technique is not suitable – there should be more power movements.

– Coaches have to stand on the ice even longer, and they’re colder!

– So he said last year that he didn’t really want to go anymore.

Source : MatchTV

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