Skater Zakharov: “We didn’t run on the fastest rinks, and such seconds are mentally stimulating”

Olympic Short Track Speed ​​Skating Champion, Beijing 2022 Silver Medalist in Speed ​​Skating Ruslan Zakharov told that due to starting on not the fastest rinks, it is difficult to calmly perceive your results.

Zakharov, as part of the team race, won the final of the Russian Cup, which is held in Kolomna. Russian athletes have been suspended from performances under the auspices of the International Skating Union (ISU) amid the situation in Ukraine.

– This year there were not as many good seconds and first places as we would like. You always want good results, fast seconds above all else. Sure, I get that we haven’t raced on the fastest rinks all year, but at the same time those seconds are a bit of a psychological knockout, especially since you know how guys race at international starts Zakharov told Match. TV. – I watch international competitions, I try on myself, as if I could run away. I wait for the thoughts to materialize and everything will be fine.

– Is the story with the desire to break the ice rink record in a team race an attempt to find additional motivation for a specific task?

– Well, how else? The season is like that. For example, I have never participated in the final of the Russian Cup. The Russian all-around championship was also a start. But that doesn’t motivate me, we need a few stories like this as extra incentive.

– You don’t want to combine performance in any sport? Katya Efremenkova performs all season in two forms.

– I had a thought at the beginning of the season – should I participate in the Russian Short Track Championship, especially in Ufa, in the city where I lived most of my life! But the regulations are such that I cannot be admitted without additional competitions.

“Are you going to Ufa?”

– No. I’m going to Surgut. A wonderful city, good people live there – I’m going to visit a classmate.

Source : MatchTV

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