Olympic medalist skater Aldoshkin: ‘I felt for myself what the post-Olympic season is like’

Olympic silver medal in speed skating Daniel Aldochkin said he experienced the characteristics of the post-Olympic season, during which he experienced health problems.

Aldoshkin in the final of the Russian Cup in Kolomna won the team race.

– I belong to this category of athletes who find it more difficult to perceive the absence of international departures, it is difficult to stimulate themselves. Before the team race today, the coach stimulated us, but everything did not work out, it happens. It’s been a tough season morally, but also a good chance for recovery, Aldoshkin told .

– When it’s hard to force yourself, what do you say to yourself?

“I tell myself that I have to do it.” It is work, and it must be done in good faith. If you can’t do it conscientiously, then why do any of this at all…

– Have you worked hard for the season?

– In good faith, but I had health problems. Injuries surfaced, I ended up in the hospital at one point, but everything is in order. Thanks to the coach, without him I would have finished the season a long time ago.

– Viktor Alexandrovich (Sivkov, coach of the group of stayers – approx.) What did he say?

– He is our locomotive, gives rhythm to work, but does not press. We are all volunteers.

– Did you feel for yourself what the post-Olympic season is like?

– Yes, I did not attach much importance to it before, but now I find out. Physical fatigue after such a season is nonsense, but moral…. If you sag psychologically because of this tension, you also need to recover. We had a tough road to a medal in the team race right from the start of the Games selection and at the Olympics themselves. Also, this season was the first full adult for me.

– So the “old people” don’t cheat? Isn’t the post-Olympic season easy?

“It’s not easy, that’s for sure. The body was failing. He was doing all the same work, but he was sick. I think it’s also due to emotional fatigue.

Source : MatchTV

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