Skater Golubeva: “For me, this season is the most difficult of my career”

Winner of the Speed ​​Skating World Championships Elizaveta Golubeva She said that the current season was the most difficult for her in her career, moreover, it took place against the background of adaptation in the group of Viktor Sivkov.

Golubeva won the Russian Cup in the 1000 meters.

– For the first time I went through the stages of the Russian Cup. And this season is the most difficult for me.

– In the absence of international competitions and despite the fact that you constantly have to go to the Russian Cups, there was no desire to simply say to yourself “I will not go and that’s all, I will rest »?

“Of course it was. But you have to get up and run. Physically we weren’t very tired, but you come out and understand that I can’t run fast.

“What do you say to yourself?” “Well, in the end, you can’t motivate yourself?”?

– Something like that, but I really manage to motivate myself, and I run! Of course, I want to show a good result, but I still had a year of adaptation to the new team, to the new coach.

– And it didn’t leave you bored?

— Yes, it’s cool, it’s a variety. And this season the schedule was not easy: I was in Irkutsk four times – I flew back and forth, then they flew to Kemerovo. I still want to run more in Kolomna.

– During the pandemic, everyone said that “I already want to get out of Kolomna”.

— I like Kolomna. Here the conditions are the best, the ice is good for us, it’s good to work on the speed here.

– I also like Kolomna, but it has become impossible to find accommodation there. On vacation, looking for places in hotels, in addition to Kalash hunting.

– I think it was the athletes who took all the places, because here we still have junior competitions. In addition, in terms of tourism, Kolomna has added in recent years a lot of good addresses, cafes, but the prices are correct in Moscow.

A year has passed since the Olympics. Do you scold yourself for being one step away from a medal and not being able to win it?

– I’m not scolding. I think that was objectively our place in the team race. I just needed to prepare harder. At the time, it seemed like they were doing everything they could, but sometimes that’s a deceiving feeling.

Have you watched the Olympic races?

– No, I do not want. Hurt.

– And if there was a medal, would you stay in the sport?

– I do not exclude that I rested for a year, and maybe I would have finished. Who knows.

Source : MatchTV

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