Biathlete Kaplina expressed her desire to participate in the Russian Cup in cross-country skiing next year

Biathlete Elizabeth Kaplina told that she would be interested in participating in cross-country skiing again, including at the Russian Cup stages.

On Thursday, the KhMAO-Yugra biathlon team, together with Kaplina, won the relay race at the Russian Championship, passing the distance without penalty loops and with 12 misses. Previously, Kaplina took part in CR skiing, where she took 33rd place in the 10 km skating “cup”. Biathlete Yekaterina Noskova also competed in cross-country skiing, finishing second in the team sprint.

– Katya this season is a superwoman. She didn’t miss a single race in the season, she also won a medal, I admire her. I went through the “cut” and had positive emotions, gained experience. Too bad my health let me down and Katya and I couldn’t run the relay, but it’s possible next year.

— What was the feedback from the skiers themselves?

– We don’t communicate very well, but some, mostly boys, wished us luck, girls also showed interest in us. After the race, I spoke with Diana Artemyeva, because we used to train with her in Buryatia. Everyone says, “Well done for not being afraid.” Why be afraid? We also ski biathlon. But everyone supported, we hope we will continue the tradition next year. We may hang on to certain stages of the Russian Cup.

– No desire to switch to another sport?

“No, no, that’s definitely not the case. I love biathlon, I’ve been living it for a long time. I’m ready to try something in the form of show racing, why not? How Bolshunov walked and tried himself in different forms. I am also interested in developing myself in many other ways,” Kaplina told .

shows the Russian biathlon championship PARI. On April 1, the women’s relay and the men’s mass start will take place, on April 2 – the women’s mass start and the men’s relay.

Source : MatchTV

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