Pavel Rostovtsev: “Biathletes of all groups have a big loss in shooting performance”

Head coach of the Russian national biathlon team Pavel Rostovtsev called shooting the main problem for national team members.

“There is work to be done everywhere. Of course, both in functional training and in movement technique. Of course, it is very difficult to compare now, without being able to compete with world leaders. But in shooting it is much easier to do this, because the criteria by which we evaluate – the percentage of shots overall, prone and standing, total time on the turn, working time prone, standing – thanks to modern tools can to be relative.

And here we have absolutely nothing to brag about. We have a big loss in all groups in terms of shooting performance. Yes, there are athletes who maintain a level close to the world level, for example, in terms of shooting accuracy. But in such a way that accuracy and rate of fire match – there is no end to the work here.

Even at the national championship in Khanty-Mansiysk, in almost ideal conditions, people make a lot of mistakes – this indicates a lack of skill. Or at the Russian Championship in Krasnoyarsk, our best juniors race in perfect time, but chain four or five penalty laps in pursuit. Yes, they take good places, but they show a bad sporting result. There is something to work on. I think that with such a shot we have nothing to catch up on the international stage,” ”Championship” quotes Rostovtsev.

” shows the Russian biathlon championship PARI. On April 1, there will be a women’s relay (beginning of the broadcast at 8:40 a.m.) and a men’s mass start (beginning of the broadcast at 11:40 a.m.), on April 2 – a women’s mass start (at 8:40 a.m.) and a men’s mass start (at 11:50 a.m.).


Source : MatchTV

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