Noskova: “Going to the top, like Neuner, when everything was won and life is ahead, for me it’s “wow”!”

russian biathlete Ekaterina Noskova told she admires the career-ending German Madeleine Neuner .

– Who did you want to admire in biathlon in your youth?

— Magdalena Neuner comes to mind first. She earned everything she could and ended her career at peak popularity. For me it was just wow. From that moment it stuck in my head: how cool it is to go to the top! When results and years push for that, it’s kind of not very good. But how young Neuner is, who has won everything, with a whole life ahead of her – that’s cool.

“Some thought his departure was suspicious. Winning is a drug, but you don’t just stop the needle.

– Let them say what they want, Magdalena is not the only one. Dahlmeier could still run, Roiseland, Eckhoff, Hermann… But they achieved their goals, came true. Something else got interesting, they decided to open up in another title, when they could and wanted to. I don’t see any subtext here, everyone decides for themselves. Life is not just a sport, it is much broader, Noskova told .

Neuner is a double Olympic champion in 2010, 12 times world champion and three-time World Cup winner. The athlete ended his career at the end of the 2011/12 season at the age of 25, the Vancouver Games were the only ones in his career.

On April 1, on , as well as on and, watch live broadcasts of the women’s relay race (from 8:40 a.m. Moscow time) and the men’s mass start ( from 11:40 a.m. Moscow time) as part of the PARI Russian Biathlon Championship.

Source : MatchTV

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