Kaminsky explained why biathlete Latypov went to training camp in Belarus separately from the group

Coach of the Russian men’s team Yuri Kaminsky told he was planning to hold a gathering of his group at the Raubichi center but there was only one spot for the three-time Olympic medalist Edward Latypov .

biathlete Daniil Serokhvostov who previously left the Kaminsky group, posted a photo from Belarus in which Latypov was seen on his Telegram channel on Thursday.

“We decided to send Eduard to Raubichi,” Kaminsky said. – We could not go with the whole group due to the impossibility of going with weapons. It was already too late to go to Raubichi, they only found one place, so Latypov was sent to Raubichi, the rest would go to another place.

– That is, there is no question that Latypov will leave your group?

– I have no information indicating that he is leaving our group. We agreed in advance on the assembly in Raubichi. He will return to our group’s location at the next training camp in Rybinsk. Before that, he was also with us in Toksovo.

Source : MatchTV

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