ROC approved roadmap for Russian Skating Union to avoid accreditation deprivation, Pozdnyakov says

Russian Olympic Committee President Stanislav Pozdnyakov has announced that the Russian Skating Union (SCR) is obliged to comply with the roadmap in order to avoid deprivation of accreditation.

Previously, ROC lawyer Lev Stepanov and adviser to the head of the ROC for work with sports federations David Muslims were not allowed to attend the congress of the Russian Skating Union, where its head was elected.

– During the meeting of the executive committee, we took stock of the implementation of our programs over the past four years. Including preparing our Olympians for the Beijing Games. In general, the members of the executive committee acknowledged the effective implementation of all the programs that were examined today. At the same time, performance at the Olympics was not evaluated. We also talked a lot about international activities, discussed the financial activities of the past year.

We also looked at a glaring case when ROC representatives were barred from participating in TFR elections. The ROC today approved a roadmap for the TFR to ensure that this union avoids further decertification. The head of the TFR confirmed the implementation of this roadmap,” Pozdnyakov told reporters.

Olympic champion Nikolai Gulyaev was elected head of the Russian Skating Union.

Source : MatchTV

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