The coach of the Russian short track team on the new age limit: “Our sport has already matured”

National team coach Russia short track Tatyana Borodulina believes that this sport has already matured and the age limit is not so relevant for him.

The International Skating Union (ISU) has introduced a phased change in the age limit for participation in competitions. It applies to all sports under the auspices of the ISU – figure skating, speed skating and short track.

– We have not had such striking precedents with a large number of 16-year-old athletes being suddenly shot down in recent years. There were a lot of young athletes from the South Korean national team, but the trend is that we have mature athletes performing at a high level, you could say veterans. So the sport itself has matured a bit,” Borodulina told .

– It won’t turn out that the juniors will stop gaining experience at the world championships and this will affect the quality of performances in the future?

– It’s hard to say. Additionally, they have international competitions where this experience can be gained.

– And in teams with a high level of competition, you can get it too. Like in South Korea.

– Sure. It is difficult to predict how all of this may affect an athlete’s development. The question of qualifications is less relevant for us than for the skaters.

Source : MatchTV

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