“The FIS tries to go with the flow and formally equalize everything possible between men and women. Only this “flow” is predominantly Western” – Stepanova

Olympic cross-country skiing champion Veronika Stepanova considers that in cyclical sports, it is useless to seek equality between the male and female sexes.

A year ago, the cross-country skiing committee of the International Ski Federation (FIS) decided to equalize the distances for men and women from the 2022/23 season. Now everyone is running 50 km, and instead of 15 and 30 km, skiers are waiting for 10 and 20 km respectively.

Last year, the International Ski Federation (FIS) suspended Russians and Belarusians from participating in competitions due to the situation in Ukraine.

– Many people in the world of cross-country skiing are frankly upset – all their efforts, ideas were covered without the participation of Russian athletes. If it was their will, they would invite us to come back tomorrow without any preconditions. But they don’t decide, that’s obvious to everyone.

Instead, the FIS started completely unnecessary changes to the duration of the competition. I have already criticized the idea of ​​the 50 km for women. Watching Holmenkollen this year only convinced me that it was kind of absurd, especially towards the end of the season. Well, okay, they called it a “ski marathon”, compared to a running marathon – we can say that gender equality has been achieved. But why change the duration of the two relay races? I read somewhere that the men’s 4x10k is the most attractive aspect of the whole program for cross country announcers. Now there will be a quarter less time to show it. Maybe you shouldn’t experiment like that? Why?

However, it is clear why. The FIS tries to accompany it and to formally equalize everything possible between men and women. Only this “stream” is predominantly Western, and there are a lot of malcontents there. There is such a wonderful race (not for me, but for the public) – Lysebotn Uphill as part of BLINK. There, men and women travel the same distance on the same roller skis. It’s easy to compare. Last year, women’s winner Sophia Laukli, with her winning time, would have been only 50th in the men’s category. Sofia is one of the strongest Pitmen in the world, this distance is 100% less than her – and she always loses to sprinters and veteran skiers. What is the gender equality in results in cyclical sports? Why?! Stepanova wrote in her column on .

Source : MatchTV

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