“It’s sad that there are no international departures, but there is always motivation. I dream of the Olympics, but if we don’t get anywhere, the goal is to be the best” -Slivko

European Biathlon Champion Victoria Slivko On , she said that she hoped to compete in the Olympics, but if Russian athletes were not allowed international departures, she would try again to become the best on the national stage.

Slivko became the first in the ranking of the Russian Biathlon Union in the 2022/23 season.

– I feel like the best biathlete in the country, I did a lot for this. Happy with last season. I trained all season with Andrey Viktorovich (Padin) according to his plan, that’s why such success.

I prepare myself, sometimes I go out alone. Now I’m training with the original team, we’re all here at training camp. Controls Padin’s readiness, aids the region in observation and everywhere.

It’s a shame that there are no international departures, but the motivation is still there. Competitions are held, there is the Commonwealth Cup. If a person wants to compete, he will be the best, all starts will be responsible and important. Of course, I dream of the Olympics, but I think next season, if we don’t go anywhere, the goal is to perform consistently and be the best,” Slivko said on air. All for the Match! on MatchTV.

Russian and Belarusian biathletes were suspended from competitions under the auspices of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) last season. In March, the IOC Executive Committee recommended that international federations, if Russians are allowed to start, do so individually, in a neutral status, without participating in team events, and also exclude the participation of athletes associated with the forces of order.

Broadcasts of various biathlon competitions can be watched on the channels of the match outfit, as well as on the sites matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru.

Source : MatchTV

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