Biathlete Lapshin said he broke his wrist in an accident

Biathlete Timofey Lapshin speaking on behalf of South Korea, spoke of the injuries sustained in the accident.

– Unsuccessful start of the preparatory period. Had an accident. I had to slip between the cars, and I grabbed the car’s rear view mirror. He broke a bone in his hand that goes all the way to his little finger. We decided to have surgery, because the location of the brush without it would have changed. Everything went well, now I’m in the hospital. Now I’m going to walk in a cast for six weeks, train as much as possible,” Lapshin said in a video posted to social media.

Lapshin is 35 years old, until 2017 he played for the Russian national team, in which he twice won the relay at the World Cup.

Source : MatchTV

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