Biathlete Lapshin about an injury in an accident: “It was much more difficult in the year of the Olympics – the “cross” break. Now I will rebuild the plan and practice.

South Korean biathlete Timofey Lapshin in an interview with , he said he would continue training after a broken hand suffered in an accident.

Lapshin said on social media on Thursday that he injured his hand. The 35-year-old biathlete was roller skiing and had an accident with a car.

– How problematic is it now to have such an injury, when work begins at summer training camp?

– I had written plans, but now of course they have to be changed. I won’t be able to do the job with my hands, but my legs are whole, my back, my abs are also in order. It was much more difficult for me in the Olympic year: then I had a break in the “crosses”. Anything is possible, just rethink the plan a bit. I will train myself.

– This damage can not affect the place in the national team?

– I think not. The injury is not at the start of the season, and the collection of the national team will not begin until June 14. This pity I received from the collection. Went to ride the classics. It turns out that the road of a section has been narrowed due to repair work on the side of the road. On the descent, a car passed me, where another car headed towards me. And these two cars could not pass normally on their own. A grandmother was driving a car, a man was at the wheel. I have no brakes, I started screaming and waving my arms to make them go faster. At the same time, I had to see if I could get around them on the side of the road.

The only choice is to drive between the cars, which I did. On the right side of the road was dug, and there was still a fence. Going to the right, I would have fallen into a hole or stuck on a fence, where I would have certainly broken my legs. On the left, too, there were metal railings. So I had to squeeze between the cars, where the distance was 20 centimeters, I slipped between them, I touched the mirrors of both. He covered his chest with his hand so as not to break his ribs. Well, the result is a turning point,” Lapshin told .

Lapshin played for the Russian national team until 2017, after which he changed his sports citizenship. The biathlete has silver and two bronze medals in individual races at the World Cup, as well as two victories and a bronze medal in relay races.

Source : MatchTV

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