“After the accident, I was mad with rage and I continued. But after 300 meters I realized I couldn’t hold a stick” – biathlete Lapshin

South Korean biathlete Timofey Lapshin told that after the accident he did not immediately realize what had happened and after a while he only realized the severity of the damage.

Lapshin on social media announced Thursday that he had a broken hand. A 35-year-old roller-skiing biathlete had an accident with a car.

Did you call the police?

– Here (in South Korea) there is such a law, according to which, after such an incident, they must either take me to the hospital or share my phone so that in this case I can call them. They didn’t give me any contact nor did they take me to the hospital.

Apparently, after the fall, I was in a state of passion, so after they asked if everything was okay, I answered positively and continued. But after 300 meters I realized I couldn’t hold a stick. I thought that as he passed me the man would stop and I would already say that I needed help. They didn’t stop, but I memorized the car number and then met them at the restaurant. As I walked in, I said that, most likely, I broke my arm. To which they only wished me luck,” Lapshin told .

Lapshin played for the Russian national team until 2017, after which he changed his sports citizenship. The biathlete has silver and two bronze medals in individual races at the World Cup, as well as two victories and a bronze medal in relay races.

Source : MatchTV

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