Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov: “I would like to thank Match TV for not leaving us on the sidelines. Now we can work and plan in peace.

Biathlete Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov told that the fans and his teammates supported him and other athletes who ended up without a bet in the Russian national team, everyone is very happy that you can now plan and prepare for the season in complete safety. The biathlete also thanked for their support in this situation.

Commentator Dmitry Guberniev told on Wednesday that biathletes Mukhamedzyanov, Larisa Kuklina, Evgeny Yemerkhonov, Vasily Tomshin and Elizaveta Kaplina will receive a salary at the Sports Training Center (TsSP). Earlier it was reported that they don’t have enough rates.

– Of course, I am very happy that we managed to find mutual understanding between the biathletes and the management. I would like to express special gratitude to the journalists, namely “”, who did not leave us behind, who supported us. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without you.

– How many people wrote you words of support during this period?

– The fans, the guys said that all work must be paid. They said they had done well not to cover up the problem. When it was not possible to solve the problem in our biathlon team, we had to resort, as Guberniev said, to the fourth branch of power.

– Were there any contacts with RBU management and coaches during this period?

– We constantly had a dialogue with the coaches, found out if there were any news. The management, unfortunately, did not come to us. But now the main thing is that we enter a full-fledged training program without any questions. You can already prepare and plan something,” Mukhamedzyanov told .

Earlier, in an interview with , Mukhamedzyanov spoke about a dialogue with RBU Vice-President Pavel Rostovtsev, who said that he could not help athletes who were outside the salary rates of national teams.

Source : MatchTV

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