“I believed in justice. Coaches, parents, “Match TV” – everyone was on our side “- biathlete Yemerkhonov about the salary in the national team

Biathlete Evgeny Yemerkhonov told he believed in justice in history with salary lists, so he shrugged off bad thoughts when he went to training.

Commentator Dmitry Guberniev told on Wednesday that biathletes Yemerkhonov, Larisa Kuklina, Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov, Vasily Tomshin and Elizaveta Kaplina will receive a salary at the Sports Training Center (TsSP). Earlier it was reported that they don’t have enough rates.

– What type of support from partners, fans, relatives have you felt since the announcement of the problem until today?

“Of course, everyone was very supportive of us in such a difficult and not very pleasant situation. Friends, coaches, fans, especially parents and were all on our side. It seems to me that before you did than pretending that the problem was being solved.

– To what extent did this situation distract you from the training process?

– I tried to abstract and only hope for the best, I believed in justice.

– Has it become easier and calmer to plan after today’s news?

“I am very happy that everything went well for us, we will continue to work and try to show the maximum result,” Yemerkhonov told .

Source : MatchTV

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