“About the fact that you are a fool, I alone knew, but you want to show all of Moscow?” – Guberniev on the charges brought against him by the RRF

“” commentator Dmitri Guberniev said that the author of the accusatory letter from the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) should be fired.

Earlier Guberniev in his The Telegram channel published a letter with the signature of the president of the SBR Viktor Maygurov who expresses his displeasure with the comments of the commentator on the work of the RRF.

– In the film “The Star of Captivating Happiness” the lady, the mother of the hero Igor Kostolevsky, said the immortal phrase: “I alone knew that you are a fool, but do you want to show all of Moscow?” I am particularly touched by the end, where it turns out that the work of a public organization cannot be evaluated by the public and the journalists. It’s a scandalous story. My answer will be very simple: “The Countess, with a changed face, runs to the pond. Load oranges into barrels, brothers Karamazov. It is necessary to fire the writer of this letter, there is typical legal illiteracy, Guberniev told .

Source : MatchTV

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