“Maygurov’s letter criticizing Guberniev is another stupidity of the SBR, they themselves cut the branch they are sitting on” – Vasiliev

Double Olympic champion, president of the St. Petersburg Biathlon Federation Dmitry Vasiliev in an interview with a correspondent of , he called the letter of the President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) Viktor Maigurov a dissatisfaction addressed to the commentator of Dmitry Guberniev, another stupidity of the organization.

Earlier, Guberniev in his Telegram channel posted a letter signed by Maygurov, which expresses his displeasure with the commentator’s speeches about the work of the RRF. Later, Guberniev, in a conversation with , said that the author of this letter should be fired.

– I am very cheered up by any stupidity on the part of the RRF. But if we disregard Guberniev and the SBR, the conclusion is simple – don’t give a reason and you won’t get kicked. Everything is very simple! It’s funny even to look at these letters, in the SBR they themselves cut off the branch on which they are sitting. Sponsors, financial support and other joys will gradually turn away from them. Nobody likes these scandals, and I want all this to a lesser extent. But, I repeat, the RRF itself gives these reasons.

It is impossible not to comment on this. It’s just the highest level of stupidity and incompetence. For example, the issue with the athletes could be resolved over the phone with the athletes and CSP. But such incompetent people are dealing with this issue within the SBR that they have brought the whole issue to the stage of a scandal. It’s a very ordinary question, but they can’t solve it! Dima Guberniev, of course, has a sharp tongue, he says unpleasant things for the RRF, but I don’t see any offensive tone in his words. The appeal of the SBR in the form of this letter to the management of the channel is another stupidity, Vasilyev told .

Source : MatchTV

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