Stepanova spoke about her conversation with Nortug about promoting personal brands

Olympic cross-country skiing champion Veronika Stepanova in her column on , she said that the prominent Norwegian Petter Northug at one point he explained to her how he manages to develop his personal brand.

– In Norway, sport and physical education are promoted by outstanding champions. Not with posters on city streets, but through the concept of “a champion in every home”. Through jackets, T-shirts, socks with the name of this champion and his personal logo. Cross-country skiers know that brands bearing the name of Norwegian champions crowd out more traditional ones that are not associated with anything in our and other winter sports. Moreover, they crowd outside Norway.

Are active athletes really developing new styles and compatibility? Of course not!

I don’t know Petter Northug well, but I had the opportunity to ask him, and I took advantage of it: “How do you develop your brand of clothing and accessories? Where does time come from? What he smiles at: “I left it to the professionals” (“I left it to the professionals”).

There’s a whole incubator in Norway (I’ve been visiting Skolkovo for a few months for a reason – I learned the buzzword!) to promote the brands of top athletes. Exactly great, champions. They will invent a beautiful legend for everyone – someone fights for girls’ participation in sport, someone saves nature by making clothes from plastic bottles. Designed, sewn (in China), beautifully packaged – and now people not only in Oslo, but also in Lazutinka and Meshchersky in costumes with the names of great Norwegians. Yes, and in Yelizovo, my native, too, the magic of the name, – wrote Stepanova.

According to the results of the last Russian Cup, Stepanova took second place in the overall standings, leaving Natalya Nepryaeva in front. At the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, Stepanova won gold in the relay.

Northug won four medals at the 2010 Olympics, including two gold medals.

Source : MatchTV

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