“I didn’t want to show Natalia Shevchenko until January, insisted Maygurov” – Shashilov on the progress of the ex-skier in biathlon

Head coach of the Russian women’s biathlon team Mikhail Shachilov in an interview with , he said that the adaptation of biathletes who have given up skiing requires a certain period out of competition, noting the progress Natalia Shevchenko .

Last season Shevchenko became a double Russian champion, winning the sprint and pursuit race in Khanty-Mansiysk in March.

– Natalia Shevchenko loudly declared herself in the second part of last season. Why not from the first stages?

– I did not want to show it at all before January, insisted Viktor Maygurov. Nevertheless, they criticize how it is, they say, where is the athlete? I had to put him on the run with the “trial balloon” clause. So as not to break a person’s psyche. After all, no one will later apologize to those who dug, “Why were they taken to the team?”

– There is no fear that the filming came to Shevchenko on new sensations, and when he begins to pass it, will difficulties arise?

– It’s inevitable. That’s why he asked that the skiers have two years to adapt. Winning is easy, repeating success is hard. I think she can bear this burden. Through experience, training, dialogue. The key is to treat not only wins, but also losses as forward movement. The lack of results is also a result. If you lost and learned the lessons, next time you won’t repeat them. And don’t let yourself be led into a corner by those who have specialized in it. Training is one thing, the word is another. Words can kill forever.

– Hold Gruhvin in the first part of the season, like Shevchenko?

– Let’s see. If it will be at least 50%, why hold back? We have to vent,” Shashilov said in an interview with .

Gruhvina after last season changed her skis for biathlon and trains in the Shashilov group.

Source : MatchTV

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