“I wrote a report about Nigmatullina, there was no such thing with Kuklina, that’s a lie” – Shashilov

Head coach of the Russian women’s biathlon team Mikhail Shachilov in an interview with denied the words Larissa Kuklina that during the period of joint work, he wrote a memorandum to the leadership of the RRF.

– What was the content of the memorandum that you wrote to Larisa Kuklina, what did she tell the media about?

— There was no note, a lie. Writing a report on Nigmatuline when she promised to come to the collection and didn’t show up. I called the SBR and asked what to do. Heard: “Write”. Not only that, tickets require reporting. There is no one, the fare is paid, which should compensate 6-7 thousand? If I called and warned, okay, I’ll give mine for the good of the team, I won’t get poorer. If not, what to think and how to act?

There was nothing like this with Kuklina. And he didn’t write any reports. There was friction on one issue, but I try to deal with such situations on my own, for which, apparently, I then receive authorities, ”Shashilov said in an interview with .

Shashilov’s squad held their first pre-season training camp in Raubichi, with the emphasis on shooting practice. In the next few days, biathletes are waiting for a medical examination and departure for the second training event in Sochi. Shashilov’s group includes Irina Kazakevich, Tamara Derbusheva, Anastasia Shevchenko, Natalia Shevchenko, Anastasia Batmanova, Yulia Scheller, Kira Dyuzheva and Anna Grukhvina.

Source : MatchTV

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