Shashilov explained the situation with salaries in the biathlon team and said that he was not “offended” in his group

Head coach of the Russian women’s biathlon team Mikhail Shachilov told in an interview with how the distribution of payments to biathletes between the regions and the CSP, and also indicated the reasons why the athletes in his group did not have financial claims.

Earlier, commentator Dmitry Guberniev said that Ilnaz Mukhametzyanov, as well as Larisa Kuklina and Evgeny Yemerkhonov, are not on the national team’s salary lists. Later, the head of the RBU coaching council, Vladimir Bragin, told that such a decision was made based on the criteria of the organization, which these athletes did not meet.

On May 31, Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin said that the Ministry of Sports of Russia and the FGBU CSP quickly considered the issue of compiling a list of the biathlon team and decided to assign additional fares.

– I will explain what they said to all the coaches. TsSP allocated 32 tariffs in the region of 35,000 rubles each. Previously it was possible to have a member of the national team at half price, now this is no longer the case. Either he receives a full salary in the national team, and then he can only count on 0.5 salary in the region, or he is entirely in compensation in the region and does not claim anything in the national team. Just like that, purely accounting functionality. In addition, there are performance bonuses.

I called the whole team and asked how much everyone was getting in the area. Suppose an athlete has a salary of 80,000 there. It makes no sense for her to give up half and settle for 35,000 in the national team, because in total it comes out less. The system forces you to choose: there or here, it won’t work to sum up the region and the national team. From there, in my group, they proceeded, there were no outrages, everyone understood everything. Why were offended in other groups, the question is not for me. Perhaps it was worth communicating with the athletes more thoroughly, explaining to them in a more intelligible way. But for those who were outraged, I think the final revenue drop was 10,000, no more.

Another thing is that you can try to solve the problem with the Ministry of Sports about additional tariffs or introduce 0.5 salary in the national team. In this sense, the highly publicized situation has sharpened something. Otherwise, it’s plain and simple, – Shashilov said in an interview with .

Shashilov’s group includes Irina Kazakevich, Tamara Derbusheva, Anastasia Shevchenko, Natalia Shevchenko, Anastasia Batmanova, Yulia Scheller, Kira Dyuzheva and Anna Grukhvina. The team held the first pre-season training camp in Raubichi, the focus was on shooting training. In the next few days, biathletes are waiting for a medical examination and departure for the second training event in Sochi.

Source : MatchTV

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